Acid & Solvent Safety Spray Trigger


  • Acid and Solvent safe
  • Safety design with specially designed dip-tube and spray mechanism.
  • Tough and durable polypropylene construction with viton seals.
  • Improved performance with more aggressive cleaning chemicals.
  • Refined adjustable rotating nozzle from fine to spray jet.
  • Screw to close locking nozzle, non-venting and leak proof.
  • Dip tube 190mm 28mm R3 closure. Can be trimmed for smaller containers
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Resistant to aggressive solvents and chemicals which typically shorten the life of a standard sprayer. Leak proof and safe to use with acids and solvents

Synthetic O-ring and piston cup holds up against the harshest of chemicals. High output and extra large spray pattern makes quick work of any job.

Three finger trigger and rear support make extended use more comfortable.

This sprayer comes with  a190mm  trimmable dip tube