Sash Detailing brush


  • Soft detail brush
  • Ideal for dashboard vents and crevices
  • Use for a wide variety of both wet and dry tasks.
  • Densely packed hair provides a sturdy and efficient cleaning brush



One of the most popular detailing brushes available.

A versatile and safe detailing brush. Soft bristles make it great for cleaning wheels and engines. It can also be used to clean door shuts and around badges. The plastic ferrule makes it safe to use even on delicate finishes.

Also great for interior detailing tasks.

For example, the larger brushes with the longer bristles are ideal for cleaning panel shuts and wheel bolt recesses when used in conjunction with exterior cleaning products, but are also great when used dry for dusting out interior vents and switchgear.

These smaller brushes generally come into their own for detailed engine bay cleaning, but again have proven themselves to be extremely useful for many random tasks in our studio.

With such flexibility on offer, this is definitely a brush set that no serious detailer should be without!

Strong wooden handles.