TFR Traffic Film Remover Red Concentrate 25ltr


  • Cleans and degreases vehicle bodies, alloy wheels and chassis
  • Removes tar, oil, grease, bitumen, cement, dust and bugs
  • Effective  vehicles including cars, vans, trucks and industrial
  • Suitable for use with pressure washers
  • Picture for illustration only. Actual containers may vary



Traffic Film Remover (TFR) uses a type of chemical know as a sequestrant to remove metallic particles from the vehicle. As these particles are removed, tiny holes are left in the traffic film.

Traffic film remover is used to clean grime off all vehicles. It will also clean engines and chassis when used with a pressure washer. When diluted it may be used as a hard surface cleaner.

Dilute up to 600:1 with hot or cold water depending on the severity of the soiling.