Wheel Cleaner



  • Powerful cleaning action
  • Easily removes oxidation, grime and brake dust from the most intricate of wheel designs
  • Non-acidic pH balanced formulation
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Safe to use and non-corrosive to sensitive surfaces
  • Suitable for all wheels including alloys and steel
  • Picture for illustration only. Actual containers may vary


R4A acid free wheel cleaner is safe, fast, effective on all wheels.

. Spray, wipe and rinse.  Very effective on baked on brake dust wheels.

Just spray onto your wheel, agitate with a soft brush or cloth, and rinse away. Simple.

Unlike many other wheel cleaners, One Minute Wheels is non acidic, making it safe to use on all wheel finishes and safe for you to use too.

Specially formulated to remove road grime and brake dust, and clean wheels to their original finish


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